Google Earth Live

Google Earth live offers several functions in its interface to you. You may see some basic alternatives like rotating the Earth or zooming in and zooming out with the navigation tools put in the right-side of the screen.



Nevertheless, you rotate it or scroll out using the wheel of your mouse and scroll in and can drag the Earth. In the top left-side you’ll be able to see ‘Fly to’ functionality, where you are able to type only the city, a precisely address as well as a well known building including the football stadium Santiago Bernabeu or Eiffel Tower. View historical images that are interesting and to Timer alternative, you could transfer between different decades previously.

Other significant idea to consider is the ‘Layers’ option. Layers enable you to choose exactly what you need to emphasize in the map. Though it includes the most crucial cities from United States, Canada, India, Mexico, Great Britain, Japan, Germany, Pakistan and Spain, among others regarding 3D Buildings, it’s very important to mention that not every city includes this choice.

On top of the screen you have a few other tools such as the rule. Google Earth live allows you to be aware of the exact distance between two different points. You would need to decide on the measurement you like (centimeters, meters, kilometers, inches, feet, yards, miles, nautical miles, measures among others) and then select the initial place as well as in the finished one plus it will tell you a quite close approximation. This tool has another interesting choice in the tab ‘Path’ which enables you to measure the space that exists between multiple points.

Google Earth live not only comprises the chance of interacting with the Earth, but also using the Universe. Because of its Skies choice, you can visit Mars or despite the Moon. You will fascinate if you’re thinking about constellations, planets and celestial bodies. Interesting information is taken by it from specialized organisms and satellites for example DLR NASA, USGS, ESA or FU Berlin. You’ll be able to find out where Messier 101 NGC 5462 or Pinwheel Galaxy come in the space, amongst others, or search for the one you want in particular. Apart from this space view, in addition, you have the chance for navigating and investigating in first-person every city thanks to its Google Earth Street View attribute. Move the well-known yellow icon (which emulates a man) and walk through any street of the place you would like. You might even take a tour.

Google Earth live Attributes

Google Earth live contains several characteristics which are detailed below:

Flight simulator
Road View
Possibility of viewing historical images using its Timer tool
3D Buildings
‘Fly to’ alternative, to compose the precise address you want to go looking for
Customize your hunt picking the Layers you would like to see (edges and labels, places, Panoramio, roads, weather, gallery or ocean, among others)
Ruler tool to measure the space between two or more points
Mars and Moon options, Skies