Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Pro is completely free. In 2015, Google made your decision to supply their geographic info software that was Master completely free of charge. It begs the question: what systems can this program run on while it is fantastic to get this type of tool easily available for us.

Google Earth Pro may be downloaded to these systems:

The present variation for Google Earth Pro is 7.1.

Google Earth Pro may be downloaded from a page on the official website of Google. There is a few choices presented to you while within the download page:

Enabling upgrades that are recommended to be installed by Google Earth mechanically
By gathering anonymous use data, enhancing Google Earth

In the event that you agree with those choices, otherwise simply tick the one you need, it’s possible for you to tick both boxes. As an example, you may need the program to update itself whenever there’s a fresh upgrade. Whichever choice you make in this section won’t additionally affects your download.

Download and Agree when you have made all your closing selections. You will get the Professional version of Google Earth used any method you want when you get to the ending.

Significant Note

So that you can use Google Earth Pro in your pc you must really have a license key. Fortunately, that key can be obtained on the official page of the program on Google. But to save you time in opening that page up, here it’s: GEPFREE.

Jointly together with your email, all these will be what exactly that you’ll need to be able to begin marveling at the wonder that’s Google Earth Pro and researching.

Google Earth Pro characteristics

Google Earth Pro is essentially an improvement of Google Earth. Therefore, here are a few of the more noteworthy characteristics of the program:

Seeing package demographic and traffic information layers
Quantifying circumference, radius and area on the earth
Printing high resolution screenshots (print pictures up to 4800x3200px resolution)
What makes the Professional variant distinctive from the one that is fundamental?

If you are used to the complimentary model of Google Earth (the fundamental variant) then you will not have problem switching to the Professional version. Basically, everything is exactly the same except which you are offered more tools to investigate using Master. So essentially, the decision is yours do you need one or a simple version with more sophisticated features. In the end, you do not need to pay to use any of these programs.

Wrap Up

Google Earth Pro definitely has its charms but the choice to go for the basic variant or it is completely up to you the user.


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